NetwerkHER: April Larson, Earth Medicine Woman

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Protecting your mind, body and soul is very important. Have you ever heard the phrase you’re body is a Temple, so treat it as such? Your body can tell you when it’s sick and when its uncomfortable which is why it’s vital that we listen to them. 

That’s why we decided to team up with Earth Medicine Woman for our 2019 tour. Earth Medicine Woman, founded by April Larson is a guided meditation class based in Los Angeles. April offers Reiki Energy Healing, Soul Art Sessions Guided Healing Hikes, ADD/ADHD Coaching, Mindfulness/Meditation and Shamanic Healing. April has found the key to life through earth healing. She realized that her depression, anxiety and medication were all false reality, and that once you clear your mind and body from toxicity, a healthy and peaceful life will follow. 

Due to the stress we all tend to carry from work, personal issues, and life in general, taking the time to meditate, or to go on a spiritual cleansing hike doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Instead of investing in something for the flesh, take time to invest in you spiritual health! After all, our spirit is all we have. Whenever you’re in the Los Angeles area, make sure to stop by Earth Medicine Woman and uncover your true self!