Trust the Process: You Create Your Own Story

It’s July- which means sunny weather, ice cold drinks and good vibes. It also means you’ll see the vacations people are taking while scrolling on Instagram. It can be frustrating and discouraging to see this when you’re not exactly where you want to be. 

Everyone’s path is different. We all want to take that trip to Hawaii for a week without having any responsibilities.Unfortunately, that’s not reality. At least not for most people. The reality is, in order to live comfortably, you will be challenged. This is why trusting your process and focusing on your own grind is important. It’s good to hear this from time to time since it’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing.

As creatives we tend to go through periods of doubt and we become vulnerable. Use that moment of vulnerability to create and work. Someone very dear to me once said, “When you have an idea and start to feel nervous, lean into that because that means it will be amazing.” If you’re doing what you love, fall in love with the process and the reward will feel even better in the end. What matters is that you started and are working to finish. Yes you may have pitched that amazing business plan to a company and they didn’t see your vision. That’s okay! Shake their hands and say thank you, NEXT! Remember that we all have to start somewhere and someone’s going to feel you! Have faith and let your hard work speak for itself. 

You are exactly where you are suppose to be, so trust your vision and never let it go. Down the line you’ll look back and appreciate the small steps. If you have to lock down and focus in order to have an amazing summer 2020...DO IT! 

Imani Nathaniel