Letter from the Editor

If you love the N2N brand (which we already know to be true), then you’re going to love our new online publication, crafted specifically with you in mind. We understand the need for a safe place to discuss and divulge in the happenings of the world around you, through the perspectives of people who can relate to you, and we’ve got you covered! Consider us your new online best friends, ready to take on the world right alongside you.

We want this to be a place where you can find a plethora of resources, from insights on politics and current events, to helpful tips on negotiating your salary, not to mention finding resources for navigating your career aspirations, all the way to meeting boss women and brands that you HAVE to follow. No one ever has all the answers, but we plan to give you as many as we can!

We hope you’re able to find at least a small part of yourself in every piece you read, and that you leave feeling fulfilled, inspired, and empowered, knowing that you hold all of the tools to tackle your next day. Make sure you meet us here weekly, and we’ll always make sure it’s worth your while. Stay hydrated, and we’ll talk soon.

Nahtyka Jolly