NetwerkHER: April Larson, Earth Medicine Woman

Protecting your mind, body and soul is very important. Have you ever heard the phrase you’re body is a Temple, so treat it as such? Your body can tell you when it’s sick and when its uncomfortable which is why it’s vital that we listen to them. That’s why we decided to team up with Earth Medicine Woman for our 2019 tour. Earth Medicine Woman, founded by April Larson is a guided meditation class based in Los Angeles

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Letter from the Editor

If you love the N2N brand (which we already know to be true), then you’re going to love our new online publication, crafted specifically with you in mind. We understand the need for a safe place to discuss and divulge in the happenings of the world around you, through the perspectives of people who can relate to you, and we’ve got you covered! Consider us your new online best friends, ready to take on the world right alongside you.

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